The all-in-one workspace
for your financial models.

Giving investment professionals the tooling they deserve.

Model faster. Avoid errors. Present instantly.

Designed and developed by power users and engineers previously working at

Modern software. Designed for a seamless experience.

For spreadsheet users

Created by power users to make best practices accessible to everyone.

Version control

Never lose your work again. Your action history is saved automatically.

Keyboard first design

Optimized for efficiency with familiar keyboard shortcuts and navigation.

Offline mode

Make changes from anywhere and synchronize when you get back online.

Real-time collaboration

Model together and create workflows that meet your team's needs.

Integrated data stack

Coming soon: Easily connect
with your data sources.

Less linking, more thinking.

Model faster

Experience intuitive modelling with formulas in plain English.
Never deal with cell references and broken formulas again.
Generate insights with a few clicks, using built-in analytics such as scenarios and sensitivity analysis.

Avoid errors

Rely on a single source of truth that automatically updates across your entire workspace.
Stop cell by cell auditing and check work 10x faster.
Understand a complex model in minutes, using the dependency tree feature.

Present instantly

Effortlessly create visualisations and dashboards.
Make manual updating of charts, documents, and dashboards a thing of the past.
Present and share with the click of a button. No clean-up required.

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